I am preoccupied by our unique position as the only species consciously aware of death. It informs a great deal of my subject matter as a painter. My concern began during my late adolescence and early adulthood, initiated by the deaths of my parents, the dissolution of my nuclear family and the loss of meaning and security that followed.

While we are here on earth we get into all kinds of situations and predicaments that involve our attempts to deny, defy, embrace, rage against or simply manage our knowledge of mortality and of the impermanence of all that exists. Some of the strategies we employ are destructive to our selves and/or others and some involve the willing or non-voluntary acceptance of a life of oppression, sacrifice and service to others. I explore these orientations respectively in my painting series Dark Matters and Sin Eaters.

Sooner or later, many of us come to an impasse, a time which may be an exit point or an opportunity for expansion, renewal and rebirth, a moment when we can no longer continue as before. My body of work Dwellers on the Threshold explores these transitional junctures.

Of course, the act of painting itself is an attempt to somehow outlast death and I count myself very fortunate to have found such a way to live. Paint is kin to skin, viscera, blood, mineral, plant and stardust.